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Jen Boaz creates sophisticated, modern art with a bohemian vibe. Her technique of layering color and texture represents a mesmerizing energy that sets the mood for your space.
With her clean, eye-catching and refreshing style, Jen’s art will make your room come together. 

Art is my love language. There's nothing better than sharing my inner feels with others in a way that words alone cannot achieve. Having no rules, the freedom to go with the flow and confidence that what I'm creating is something beautiful. I think that’s the best part about being an artist. My work is deeply influenced by my mood. Whether it’s joy, sadness, curiosity or frustration these emotions find their way onto the canvas. When I paint, It’s almost as if the act of creating becomes a conversation with my own feelings, a dialogue between the heart and the art. My works explore the interplay of bold colors, random patterns, intricate textures and layers on layers. A few favorite mediums include acrylics, oils, pastels, charcoal and the list goes on exploring the endless possibilities.

if you’re interested in a custom piece of art please contact

404-409-7586 (text or call)



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